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Block ALL Malware, prevent Phishing, and eliminate Zero Day threats

Cyber Security Defence Ltd  brings two new innovative products for greater endpoint security.


Phishing Stops Here with Phish Fence

What is Phish Fence?


Inky® Phish Fence is a mail protection gateway that uses sophisticated AI, machine learning and computer vision algorithms to block deep sea phishing attacks that get through every other system.

Protect and Educate your Users

  Inky® protects you from advanced phishing threats and other email based attacks. Inky Phish Fence automatically scans every email — internal and external — to identify and flag phishing emails. Unlike every other system on the market, Inky Phish Fence uses proprietary machine learning and computer vision algorithms to “see” each email much as the recipient would. Unlike a human recipient, however, Inky Phish Fence can tell when an email is a forgery, and can either quarantine the mail or deliver it with disabled links and a user-friendly warning. 

Awesome Analytics analytics dashboard gives you complete visibility into the threats Inky Phish Fence is blocking. Admins can drill down to the level of an individual message to understand the exact nature of an attack. Queries can address particular date ranges, targeted users, or specific types of dangerous email. 

Try Inky Phish Fence on your Inbox Try Inky! Inky​ ​Wins​ ​Start-up​ ​Company​ ​of​ ​the​ ​Year​ ​

 Inky Phish Fence automatically scans all your internal and external email looking for signs of phishing, malware, spam, or cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks. Malicious email can be quarantined, and Inky Phish Fence adds an informative banner to the top of every delivered email. So your users are both protected and educated. 

Total Visibility.


 The Inky Phish Fence admin dashboard allows your IT/Security team to run date-range queries of threats you have encountered. Admins can drill down into specific threats and even view details of individual email messages. Inky Phish Fence adds a “Report Phish” link to every email which lets your users send suspicious emails to your SOC for analysis within the Inky Phish Fence dashboard. This works from any mail client — web, mobile, or desktop — and preserves the mail headers and Inky’s full analysis.

Inky Phish Fence blocks zero-day threats like no other mail protection system. Learn how it caught a DocuSign phishing scam.

Zero day Endpoint Protection with BitRater

The cyber threat to UK businesses is “bigger than ever”

Why do we need to bolster our defences?

GCHQ reveal UK hit by 796 serious cyber attacks in 457 days,

Ransomware remains the top cyber security threat to organisations, humans continue to be significant weakness, and HR departments are a top target.

BitRater will increase your endpoint protection with a new highly secure approach.


The BitRater video GCHQ



There are many products available today which can give end point protection to varying degrees. The traditional approach until recently has been blacklisting of known malware. Many are moving to whitelisting as a more secure approach.  Our reviews have taken us even further. amd we have chosen the innovative approach with BitRater to give full endpoint protection.

BitRater considers all processes (old and new) as potentially malicious EVERY TIME they start up and it performs a security check EVERY TIME before they are allowed to start on the endpoint. BitRater treats all software as ‘bad’ until positively rated as ‘good’. ALL applications & processes need a green light to execute. Many other protection suites check at the application level whereas BitRater will check down at the very basic process level, stopping everything. BitRater will block and stop ALL malicious software every single time the software is due to be run (and before it executes). It does not handle memory tampering that anti-virus (AV) technology provides, giving BitRater a unique partnering positioning with AV and a layered approach to enterprise endpoint security. This method is unique, simple, efficient, and very effective.

does not require a complex ‘normal BitRater  behaviour mode’ setup, nor a detailed ongoing maintenance regime to maintain policies, its sole purpose is to stop malicious code before it can start on the endpoint, with no False Positives and no exceptions. This is Intelligent Whitelisting – ALL processes checked before execution on physical and virtual Enterprise Endpoints.

In 14 Days, BitRater will log information to enable a policy verification phase of less than a day to kick-off. Once that is done, BitRater will then be ready to protect your endpoints. It’s that simple.

What are the benefits of using BitRater?



One-click install on clients – get intelligence-grade protection within 10 minutes.


Threats neutralised at home, in the office or on the go.

7X24X365 CLOUD

With 99.999% uptime, our cloud keeps your IT safe every hour of every day – and BitRater doesn’t need a connection to keep protecting you.


If your organization is under attack – or if you suspect it is – no need to panic or shut down the entire network. BitRater is already preventing execution of malicious files within your network.


Whitelisting is the security approach used by major banks and intelligence agencies. Until now, it needed a team of administrators to run. With BitRater, you get intelligence-grade protection at home.

Use the BitRater Dashboard to do protective monitoring

 Protective monitoring allows organisations to identify suspicious activity and supports a positive culture to deter counter-productive behaviour 

Recognise that it is virtually impossible to resist all cyber attacks – plan for resilience

Once an attack has occurred, it is important to have the skills and resources to quickly isolate problems, determine the level of investigation and response required, and maintain business as usual. The pursuit of attackers requires good system administration, forensic capture during an attack and a legal response prepared in advance.