BitRater takes endpoint protection to the 100% block of all malware!


Zero Day protection - no delays, no panic, no manual intervention

  1. Blocks unknown or suspicious Malware from executing
  2. Don’t panic, don’t patch, plan your clean up
  3. Managed resource 
  4. GDPR ready
  5. Minimises endpoint cpu to < 1% - No scanning necessary

The Problem

There is a basic reason why ANY computer, laptop, server, tablet, smartphone etc. can be hacked:

An operating system is designed to allow ANY process to execute once it has entered the device!

This means any application – and also any malicious process.

Why is BitRater so much more effective?


In a nutshell - BitRater stops any threat BEFORE  it runs and gets into the machine, and there is no delay time, and no need for manual intervention. 

BitRater assumes that all software is “guilty unless proven innocent” – it will only be allowed to execute if positively evaluated as ‘known good’

Without exception, all the other endpoint protection engines adopt the logic that software is ‘innocent unless proven guilty’ and allow it to execute unless it is ‘known bad’

This simple – BUT ESSENTIAL - difference is the reason why BitRater’s approach can prevent ‘zero day’ events happening since ALL malware is prevented from executing if it lacks express consent based on positive identification or vetting.

What are the Benefits of BitRater?


It ensures that you:

•             Can use USB sticks without worries

•             Know what is running on every endpoint

•             Prevent unknown or bad applications from executing

•             Stop zero-day threats without signatures

•             Transform the organisation’s approach to data privacy by removing the risks associated with unauthorised applications, including privileged users (Managing Shadow IT)

•             Improve compliance and threat audits in order to see when, where and how breaches were attempted to be exploited

  • Be prepared for GDPR

What does BitRater bring to the Endpoint?


• Users don’t experience delays

• Extremely low network overhead

• Less than 1% CPU usage

• No regular scanning needed

• Real-time connection without definition updates

• Compatible with all known Antivirus and software patching products

• Enforces whitelist on endpoints, regardless of whether or not they are
 connected to the network.

How does BitRater help the Systems Administrator?


• Know what’s running on every endpoint

• Prevent unknown or bad applications from executing

• Stop zero-day threats without signatures

Change from panic reactions of patching and emergency remediation to a regime of planned maintenance/update

• Improve compliance